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We focus on private classes for groups of 3+ students, but we do offer one-on-one and small group training if needed. Group, non-profit, and government employee discounts are also available. We can provide training anywhere in the world at your office or online. Thinking about attending a class? See what our students have to say: past students’ comments.


MadCap Flare 2017: The Definitive Guide – Now available!

The 2017 edition is now available! This 465-page book contains 15 new pages about all of the new features in Flare 2017, including:

  • Clean XHTML target type
  • Dynamic preview pane
  • Pinned images
  • Pinned variables
  • MadCap Central integration
  • Build events
  • File tag option in Add File dialog box
  • Condition tag option in Add File dialog box

The book is available for $32 at www.lulu.com/clickstart. Coupon codes change often, but try code LULU15 for 15% off. For more information about the book, click here: MadCap Flare 2017: The Definitive Guide.


Scott at Write2Users 2017

Scott presented the keynote “The DNA of Technical Communication” and the sessions “Multi-platform Output with MadCap Flare,” “Enhancing Flare with jQuery,” “MadCap Flare Pain Points” (with Thomas Bro-Rasmussen) and “MadCap Flare Goodies (with Thomas Bro-Rasmussen) at the Write2Users 2017 conference in Copenhagen on November 1-3. You can view and download his session handouts on our Presentations page.


Scott at tcworld 2017

Scott presented “Cutting-edge Design with MadCap Flare,” “Best Practices for Embedded UA,” and a workshop on “Adapting Content for Mobile Devices” at the tcworld 2017 conference in Stuttgart on October 24-26. You can view and download his session handouts on our Presentations page.


Scott at UA Europe 2017

Scott presented the sessions “Best Practices for Responsive Content” and “Best-in-class Embedded UA” and the “MadCap Flare: Taking control of your HTML5 output with styles, skins, and master pages” workshop (with Matthew Ellison) at the UA Europe 2017 conference in Harrogate on June 8-9. You can view and download his session handouts on our Presentations page.


Scott at MadWorld 2017

Scott presented “Cutting-edge HTML5 Design,” “A New Look at Extending HTML5 Targets with jQuery,” and the “MAD for MadCap Flare Certification Bootcamp” advanced workshop (with Mike Hamilton) at the MadWorld ’17 conference in San Diego on April 3-6. For more information about the conference, see the MadWorld Conference website.


ISTC Communicator book review

Scott’s book, MadCap Flare Developer’s Guide, was reviewed in ISTC’s winter 2016 issue of Communicator. Reviewer Jack Deland says it’s “invaluable for reminders of functionality. A terrific refresher and a great tool for those just starting out.” Click here to read the full review.


ISTC Communicator jQuery article

Scott’s article “Five free jQuery plugins for enhancing web content” appears in the winter issue of ISTC’s award-winning journal, Communicator. To learn more about ISTC, visit their website.

view the article (PDF)
download Scott’s examples


Word 2013 to the Point – your guide to all the new features!

Word 2013 to the Point provides answers to over 400 Word questions, including how to use all of the new features. It covers everything from mail merge, macros, and styles to new features like using Word with SkyDrive and Facebook and presenting Word documents online.

This 463-page book book is currently on sale at www.lulu.com/clickstart for only $25.60. Tell me more…


CSS to the Point – now available for Kindle!

CSS to the Point is an easy-to-use and comprehensive book that provides answers to over 200 CSS questions. Each answer includes a description of the solution, a graphical example, and sample code that has been tested in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. The new version includes over 40 new pages covering all of the features in CSS3. Tell me more…

The new edition is currently on sale at www.lulu.com/clickstart for $22.50.
To order the new Kindle edition for $7 (FREE for Amazon Prime members), see Amazon’s website.


HTML5 to the Point – learn HTML5 like a pro

This new book provides answers to over 140 HTML5 questions and includes quick reference tables of HTML5′s new elements, attributes, and events. Tell me more…

Click here to order for only $18.90 (10% off!).

Need help with a Flare or Doc-to-Help project?

We provide a wide range of services, including on-call technical support, assistance creating context-sensitive help, and project reviews based on best practices. We can even provide print or online documentation for your project from technical spec to ready-to-ship documentation. Give us a call at 404.520.0003 or send us an email. We’re ready when you are!

Quick reference cards

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered! Download your copy of our quick reference cards:


Are you Certified MAD for Flare?

ClickStart has partnered with MadCap Software to launch the Certified MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) program. The certification program will allow Flare users to demonstrate their expert knowledge of MadCap Flare. For more information about the certification program and to take a sample test, see www.certifiedMAD.com or send us an email.